BJJ journaling tools

This post is about keeping a journal of your BJJ practice and training. Firstly I mention various articles and thoughts that others have published, then I talk about my own journaling.

There seems to be a lot of talk about people keeping a diary or a log of their BJJ training. One of the most prominent is probably Slideyfoot’s.

Others have spoken of their methods here, here, here, here and here.

There are even products that aim for this specifically: The Jiu Jitsu Logs with the review at GiFreak.

I really like this article, by Liam Wandi, because goes into details about how he uses various apps & tools, with some tips.

This article is also very informative, it’s written by Julia, who works as a teacher. She charts her progress from the initial note taking to developing her own language to make the process quicker.

I think that both, Liam’s & Julia’s posts have useful info that I’ll try to incorporate in my own journaling.

"One way to fascilitate the BJJ growth process is for students to keep a notebook to track their progress and to record their experiences. A BJJ notebook serves the practical purpose of helping remember all of the different moves that were taught over previous weeks, months and years. In BJJ, one can go years without seeing the same move taught twice." - from BJJ Notebook: 1 by Thadeu A Vieira

I haven’t read the above book, just saw the above quote in the previews you can get online. It’s definately on my to read list. But I did find this review of it: here.

How I do it

What I found that works for me, and I’ve looked around a fair bit, is DayOne app. The first thing that should be noted about it is that it’s a diary. So it has a date stamp for each entry. Then I use bjj tag for every class that I attend which shows me how many classes I’ve attended. Also it has a calendar view, so you can see quickly how many times you’ve edited the journal for a given month. Since I log every class, I can quickly see my attendance and work out the number of hours of training.

The good thing about the app is that it’s available for iOS & OSX. Yes, you do have to purchase both separately, but I figure that it’s not that expensive and it’s something I tend to use quite a bit. Also by keeping a diary, it keeps me motivated to train. So considering the prices of the apps when compared to the benefits, I’d say it’s well worth it. The syncing of the apps happens via Dropbox so if you ever wish to move off Apple’s platforms, you can easily do that.